Creative Ways to Use Those Forgotten Denim Jeans!

Yesterday I put 2 pairs of jeans to good use. Instead of disgarding them, I decided to feature them as my couture design at The Soul Dinner at the House of Soul!  The costume I made on Saturday from Denim Jeans included Fringe Booty Shorts, Fringe Epaulettes, Fringe Necklace, Fringe Wrist Cuffs, Studded Headdress and even Denim Leggings. I can custom create any of these items for the most discrimiating fashionista to the quick gratification of sparkle ponies.

11295536_10153030750148725_8796096609530332971_n-1 11255317_10153030750158725_2650731452133780345_n-1 10659257_10153030751068725_3919876955566825486_n 10411115_10153030751063725_1130087164286493112_n 1610930_10153030750883725_7962731671084496545_n 10502003_10153030750608725_4943557720911198693_n 10460274_10153030750613725_6795686300761613135_n 11113759_10153030750598725_4763417681153558348_n 10412023_10153030750363725_2765552910784330876_n 10422186_10153030750353725_6690896521194975592_n 10410315_10153030750358725_8311070353616444573_n 10982621_10153030750348725_4235422907376044929_n 11255317_10153030750158725_2650731452133780345_n 11295536_10153030750148725_8796096609530332971_n 11113143_10153030772693725_5325261442954718759_n


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