Mother McClendon’s Process to Heaven (The Garden)


Wright Words

How do you get to heaven? That is a question constantly pondered and explored by clerics, apostles, ministers and lay people of faith.

The simple answers are: Lead a good clean life, Believe and Pray. But it takes an special kind of commitment, a process if you will, to be assured that your “home going” will in fact be to that place with God that you envision.

There are people who touch your life with such joy and purity that you think that upon their passing, they would definitely be heaven bound. You can see up front, their ostensible qualifications to be elevated to an exalted place when they pass over. But it is not very often you see the process that gives them their heavenly glow.

Fannie Mae McClendon was a “praying woman!” Her favorite slogan was, “TYJ!~Thank you Jesus!” She was as open, warm and friendly as any…

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